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Board-band optical isolator wide wavelength range

Board-band optical isolator wide wavelength range

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Center wavelength and isolation wavelength range
Aperture diameter
Isolator with rejection beam Exits

Compact optical isolator


Compact size

Compact Broadband Optical Isolators is available from 630nm to 1200nm. The isolation spectrum bandwidth is expanded 5X to 10X wider than the standard single stage optical isolators.

Single stage optical isolator provide 33dB (Tr=0.05%) isolation and 93% transmission.

Dual-stage otical isolators provide doubled isolation up to 60dB and 88% transmission

High power optical isolator with input and output rejecting beam exits Exits (E-version) should be selected if forward laser >3 W or rejected laser power >0.5 W.

Compact Broadband Faraday Rotator provides customer required rotation angle with high transmission of 98% to 99.8% for available wavelength range.


Outside Diameter 18mm and OD 21mm

Length from 20 mm to 55 mm for single stage isolator.

Dual stage isolator lenth from 35 mm to 70 mm.

OD 25mm for some aperture 5mm isolators

Care Instructions

Caution! Strong magnets, handle with care.

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